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Every machine needs oil so give your body the best by adding PROGENEX Omega+ to your daily routine.

Benefits of PROGENEX Omega+

This special proprietary blend of ingredients is specifically formulated for athletes, and has been designed to enhance athletic performance and speed recovery. Omega+ helps by:

  • Reducing oxidative stress, and fighting total body inflammation, including reducing key inflammatory markers such as C-reactive protein (Deutsch, 2007)
  • Lowering triglycerides and bad cholesterol (LDL), and boosting good cholesterol (HDL) (Bunea, 2004)
  • Decreasing inflammation and muscle soreness, and helping to maintain muscle mass (Bunea, 2004; Deutsch, 2007; Kidd, 2007)
  • Reducing joint pain and preventing injuries due to overuse (Fry, 2001), and Increasing overall energy (Koyama, 2006)

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Every machine needs oil so give your body the best by adding PROGENEX Omega+ to your daily routine.

Designed to reduce inflammation, accelerate recovery and boost athletic performance, PROGENEX Omega+ is an all-natural premium proprietary blend of NKO® Krill Oil, Calamarine Oil®, natural astaxanthin, proprietary antioxidant blend, vitamin D-3 and natural lemon flavor that supports heart, brain and joint health, and promotes normal CRP, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Potency & Power

The potency and power of Omega+ lie in its special proprietary blend of premium ingredients.

First, Omega+ features krill oil – the most potent and bioavailable source of omega 3s on the planet. Krill oil is superior to fish oil because the omega 3s in krill oil are phospholipid bound, which means they are more readily available and absorbable by your body; whereas fish oil omega 3 fatty acids are bonded with triglycerides, which are not water-soluble. This means that once you swallow your fish oil pill, the omega 3s must pass through your small intestine to be emulsified and digested before any cellular absorption can occur.

Krill oil, on the other hand, is water-dispersible. The omega 3s found in krill are bonded with phospholipids (the same structure found in your cellular membranes). This structural similarity provides your body’s cells with a readily available and absorbable supply of DHA and EPA. Krill oil also eliminates any unpleasant after-taste—so you can kiss those “nasty fish burps” good-bye forever!

Furthermore, krill has been shown to:

  • Lower “bad” cholesterol (LDL) by up to 55 percent (Bunea, 2004).
  • Reduce harmful triglycerides by up to 27 percent (Bunea, 2004).
  • Raise “good” cholesterol (HDL) by as much as 43.92 percent (Bunea, 2004).
  • Soothe the pain and discomfort of stiff joints by up to 29 percent (Deutsch, 2007).
  • Boost mental focus by as much as 49 percent (Kidd, 2007).
  • Decrease inflammation by as much as 29 percent (Deutsch, 2007), (Kidd,2007).
  • Increase your energy by over 50 percent (Koyama, 2006).
  • Reduce facial wrinkles by up to 51 percent (Lyons, 2002).
  • Decrease the physical and emotional effects of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) by up to 47 percent (Kidd, 2007).

Second, Omega+ harnesses the power of one of the most potent antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories on the planet – astaxanthin. Astaxanthin has been shown to:

Decrease Lactic Acid Build-Up:

A Japanese study indicated that athletes who daily consumed astaxanthin experienced up to a 29% decrease in lactic acid buildup (Sawaki, 2002).

Increase Strength:

A Swedish study showed that a six-month regimen of astaxanthin aided in a 62% increase in the number of deep knee bends the test group was able to execute. During the same time, the placebo group increased only 22%. The astaxanthin group increased their strength, on average, 3 times faster than the placebo group (Malmsten, 1998).

Reduce Joint Pain, Inflammation, and Increase Strength:

Astaxanthin has shown tremendous promise in joint pain and inflammation reduction in recent studies as well. In an eight-week study by the Health Research and Studies Center regarding a loss of grip strength due to tennis elbow, those taking astaxanthin showed a 93% INCREASE in grip strength.

Decrease Pain:

The Journal for the American College of Nutrition reported that rheumatoid arthritis sufferers showed a 35% improvement in their reported pain levels and their ability to maintain their daily activities increased by 40% after only eight weeks of astaxanthin (Journal of the American College of Nutrition. 21(5):Oct, 2002).

Boost Recovery and Eliminate Soreness:

The Human Performance Laboratories at the University of Memphis conducted a three-week study on healthy individuals who experienced knee joint pain after a strenuous weights workout. Predictably, the group given a placebo experienced no relief from their knee pain symptoms. However, the group given astaxanthin indicated NO knee soreness post workout (Fry, A. (2001). “Astaxanthin Clinical Trial for Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness.” Human Performance Laboratories. The University of Memphis. Report 1, August 16, 2001.).

Additionally, Astaxanthin helps reduce oxidation and is one of the few antioxidants that can cross the blood brain barrier – delivering antioxidant protection to the brain, eyes and central nervous system.

But astaxanthin and omega 3s are just the beginning. To finish Omega+’s formulation, calamari oil and vitamin D3 are added. Calamari oil contains ultra high levels of DHA – one of the most important omega 3 fatty acids for human growth, development, and maintenance. Likewise, adequate levels of vitamin D3 help improve mood and energy levels, as well as boost the immune system – all essential components for peak athletic performance.

Finally, PROGENEX spent close to a year researching and developing Omega+. This research, revealed the most effective ingredient dosages to obtain maximum results. Simply stated, too much krill oil or too much astaxanthin, is less effective than the right amount.

That is why the special proprietary blend contained in Omega+ is so potent and powerful. It contains the highest quality ingredients in just the precise amounts for optimum results. So oil up with PROGENEX Omega+ and start realizing its remarkable ability to reduce inflammation, accelerate recovery and enhance athletic performance.

How to use

PROGENEX Omega+ is a daily supplement and the following are the recommend dosages:

  • For healthy adults and/or athletes (high school athletes and above): Take 2 soft-gels per day.
  • For extreme athletes and individuals suffering from cardiovascular disease: Take 3 soft-gels per day.
  • For younger athletes: Take one soft-gel per day.

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