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More Muscle

If your goal is to thrive, look no further. Progenex More Muscle helps you build muscle, achieve your best body composition, and improve your diet with a high-quality, great-tasting protein with no added sugar!
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The fastest way to burn fat is to BUILD MUSCLE.

A recent study showed that participants who took a whey protein supplement compared to those who didn’t had significantly higher rates of resting energy expenditure—24 hours after a resistance exercise (the resting energy expenditure is the body’s calorie-burning rate when you’re not active). It’s been shown that an increase in this resting energy expenditure can facilitate weight loss and improve overall body composition. By taking PROGENEX More Muscle, you can ensure the best results in your strength building and weight loss.

Size Really Does Matter

You already know that protein is key to building lean muscle. What you may not know is that not all proteins are created equal when it comes to building muscle. Why? Absorption. When it comes to protein molecules and the different amino acids like Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine, size really does matter. Otherwise, any form of protein would accomplish the same goal—but it doesn’t. Research has shown that when proteins are broken down into their di- and tri-peptides they absorb more rapidly and efficiently. Whey protein alone provides sufficient amino acids but Leucine, in particular, is known to jump-start protein synthesis and increase work capacity and performance.


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A study published in the “Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry” by a group of Japanese researchers supports the theory of hydrolysates. Ten subjects were enrolled in the study, with five subjects participating in trials on either soy or whey protein and their hydrolysates. This study compared the effects of different sources and degrees of hydrolysis of dietary protein, independent of carbohydrate, on plasma amino acid and di-peptide levels and insulin responses in humans. Their findings? The hydrolysates, both soy and whey, were absorbed more rapidly as plasma amino acids compared to their non-hydrolyzed protein counterparts. Whey protein caused more rapid increases in indispensable amino acid and branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) concentrations than soy protein. They continue, “In addition, protein hydrolysates caused significant increases in Val-Leu and Ile-Leu concentrations compared to non-hydrolyzed protein. Whey protein hydrolysates also induced significantly greater stimulation of insulin release than the other proteins. Taken together, these results demonstrate whey protein hydrolysates cause significantly greater increases in the plasma concentrations of amino acids, di-peptides, and insulin.”


When it comes to increasing energy, speeding recovery, stimulating muscle building, and achieving your best body composition ever, PROGENEX More Muscle shakes are in a class of their own.

After an intense workout or resistance exercise, your body needs to recover and rebuild its muscles. Rapidly absorbing amino acids, Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine, should be taken immediately post-workout and are essential for the recovery and muscle growth process. More Muscle is the fastest absorbing and best whey protein hydrolysate on the market, which allows your muscles to recover to their baseline strength within hours, not days. It also helps you train harder and more frequently, which translates into better performance, more strength, more lean muscle, and less body fat.

Significantly more enhanced than most protein molecules, the whey protein in PROGENEX More Muscle gets to your bloodstream—and hungry muscle fibers—fast! This speed is especially important when your muscles are experiencing a protein deficit, such as first thing in the morning, immediately after training or resistance exercises, and any other arduous stretches throughout your day. Begin taking PROGENEX THR!VE whey protein shakes during these critical times and start realizing superior strength, size, and body composition gains.

More Muscle is one of the most advanced and unique whey protein supplements on the market today. It is specifically formulated for fast absorption and maximum uptake. It is manufactured in a two-stage process. The first stage isolates growth factors that can be found in early-stage cow’s milk, extracting and concentrating them using a unique proprietary process. The second stage microfilters and ultrafilters the cold-processed whey protein into high-quality whey protein isolates.

Where most companies’ proteins end, ours is just beginning. Most companies only concentrate their whey protein to a lower-grade concentrate; we isolate ours, and then keep going. Our whey protein isolates are then enzymatically hydrolyzed. This hydrolyzation process breaks the isolated proteins down into peptides, including di- and tri-peptides, which are more rapidly digested and absorbed. Before we get to a finished product, the previously isolated growth factors are reintroduced into our whey protein.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to aid weight loss or take muscle building to the next level, everyone has one thing in common—the need for a high-quality, rapidly absorbing protein. And PROGENEX Muscle is the best whey protein supplement to take pre- or post-workout.

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