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Fight Fatigue at the Source

PROGENEX Hype is a daily or intra sport hydration supplement formulated to fight both thirst and fatigue associated with physical exercise.

During training or other sustained periods of exertion, serotonin levels in your brain often spike, resulting in an increased perception of fatigue. To combat this effect, PROGENEX Hype includes Fatigue Fighter Peptides which provide LNAAs (large neutral amino acids). These components can inhibit serotonin synthesis which has been shown to reduce your perception of exertion and mental fatigue during exercise, helping you go harder, longer. In short, Hype can support your fight against the fatigue that’s been holding you back and help increase mental clarity and sharpen focus – all without the use stimulants.

Reduce serotonin levels

Support catecholamines & adrenaline levels

Support dopamine levels

Servings: 30


When you work hard, you get thirsty. But you can also get worn out, fatigued, and tired –  physically and mentally. PROGENEX Hype is a deliciously hydrating, low-calorie fruit drink that contains a scientifically backed combination of Fatigue Fighter Peptides that work to counter fatigue, enhance endurance, and improve performance – no stimulants included.

Drink Hype whenever you’re feeling thirsty or want to fight fatigue at the source.

How It Works

Not Your Average BCAA Blend

PROGENEX Hype is formulated to both quench thirst and fight fatigue at the source. A deliciously hydrating fruit drink, Hype’s Fatigue Fighter Peptides counter fatigue in two ways:

  1. providing valuable energy to muscles
  2. preventing central fatigue in the nervous system

While it’s no secret that BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) can aid in muscle endurance and energy, PROGENEX Hype’s Fatigue Fighter Peptides are high in what are known as LNAAs (large neutral amino acids) which have shown to reduce mental drowsiness and the perception of fatigue.

When you engage in physical activity, your brain uptakes an amino acid known as tryptophan. Elevated tryptophan concentrations accelerate brain serotonin synthesis, making you feel tired before your body is actually spent. PROGENEX Hype works by supplying effective levels of LNAAs that ultimately ‘compete’ with tryptophan and prevent its uptake into the blood – consequently reducing levels of brain serotonin. Studies show that these Fatigue Fighter Peptides with high levels of LNAAs support a reduction in perceived exertion and mental fatigue during exercise while improving cognitive performance following the workout.